COVID-19: Restarting manufacture, safely

It is clear that the restrictions and controls put in place by Government on 23rd March are going to be with us for some time to come.


This is likely to extend beyond the initial period of lockdown into the medium term. It is therefore vital that industry finds a way to bring its operations back on line safely.

Having reviewed government guidance in detail, it is clear that work can and should, continue.

This includes the clarification offered to the GGF by the Department of Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy this month.  This makes it clear that as long as a worker is not displaying symptoms of COVID-19 and does not need to self-isolate for any other reason, that ‘work can be done in a manner consistent with guidelines issued by Public Health England’.

Given this, and the return to work of many areas of construction including our commercial customers, we have taken the decision to resume manufacture with effect from Monday 20th April.

We have spent the past few weeks planning for this restart and ensuring that new working procedures are in place to safeguard our team and our customers.

This includes ensuring that a 2m space is maintained between staff as a minimum in compliance with social distancing guidance; making sure that appropriate PPE and hand sanitizer is available, temperature checking team members, as well as introducing a new cleaning regime.

These controls will be reviewed regularly to make sure that we remain compliant with government guidance – but more importantly safeguard the welfare of our people.

Please contact the team on 01282 774124 or email  for more information.


We have some way to go as a business, industry and not least a country, this is however small, a step in the right direction and a return to better times.