Fire rated glass

As a fully licenced manufacturer of fire rated glass products and fire rated sealed units, we work with clients throughout the commercial sector.

Pyrotherm – our range of fire rated products – includes a choice of three fire rated options from AGC, Pilkington and specialist fire rated flat glass manufacturer, Pyroguard.


A range of cuttable fire rated glass which provides integrity and radiant heat reduction for 30 and 60 minutes (EW classification).

Features and benefits

  • 30 to 60 minutes ratings
  • Available in 7mm and 11mm thicknesses
  • Internal and external application
  • Single glazing
  • Can be optionally used in an IGU for additional performance requirements
  • Certified in steel, timber and aluminium profiles
  • Usable as a single frame, glazed screen, single door and a GDC door (Graduated Density Chipboard)
  • EW classification
  • Fire tested to BS 476: Part 22:1987 and BS EN 1363-1
  • Approved by Certifire UK and Efectis, France
  • Impact classification to EN 12600:2002 – 1B1/2B2/3B3
  • Complies with EN 14449 standards for laminated safety glass
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AGC Pyrobel[ite]

When exposed to fire or extreme heat, the interlayers in the Pyrobel-Pyrobelite assembly expand and transform into a rigid, opaque and heat-absorbing fire shield, reducing heat transmission. The former, complying with EI classes from EI30 to EI120, while Pyrobelite complies with EW classes.

  • 30 to 60 minutes ratings
  • Extensively tested in wood, steel, aluminium and composite doors, frames and curtain walls
  • Complies with all applicable safety standards
  • Pyrobel, radiation in the EW class is under 6 kW/m2
  • Tested for Impact Safety: Pyrobelite 7 3B3, Pyrobelite 10, Pyrobelite 12, Pyrobel 16 2B2, other Pyrobel/Pyrobelite class 1B1 as per EN12600
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Pilkington Pyroshield 2

Pilkington Pyroshield 2 is a monolithic wired glass. It offers reliable, integrity only, fire-resistant glazing in a range of applications, including doors, screens and overhead glazing. It can also be used in a variety of internal and external applications for vision or privacy purposes.

  • 30 and 60 minutes integrity in appropriate timber and steel frames
  • Suitable for internal and external applications
  • Suitable for use in fire and non-fire applications where an impact safety classification in a wired product is required
  • Meets British and European fire test standards
  • Approved for use with popular fire-resistant glazing gaskets and sealants
  • Independently approved for use in a range of applications under the Certifire Scheme
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In-house expertise and support

We underpin our product offer with industry leading support, with an expert in-house team combining decades of experience. This includes expert advice and support on a wide variety of specifications from acoustic and security glass, through to fire rated glass and glazing.

Sealed unit supply integrated with your systems

All IGUs supplied by Padiham Glass are bar-coded and scanned at each stage of production. Supplied with edge labels simplifying customer handling, we can also work with you to integrate IGU supply with your own systems, delivery schedules, bringing a new level of partnership to IGU supply.