Glass for residential balconies Lancashire

Toughened and laminated glass for glass Juliet balconies

Juliet balconies in Burnley and Blackburn

Glass balconies for opening in doors and floor-to-ceiling windows protect from falls without interrupting the view outside.

Glass balconies or Juliet balconies for opening in doors combine the highest levels of safety with contemporary minimalistic aesthetics.

Fitted wither directly into a steel reinforced aluminium or uPVC door frame, or into surrounding stone or brickwork, they prevent falls without the need for a retaining rail, so the view from the inside remains uninterrupted.

We can manufacture glass for a wide range of balcony applications ranging from residential and domestic line loads of 0.74kN/m, to commercial applications at 1.5kN/m and 30kN/m.
All glass is supplied in to British Standards BS6180, BS6399:1 and BS6206.

Balustrading glass thicknesses

Toughened glass panels for balustrading:

Laminate glass panels for balustrading:

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