Replacement double-glazing in Lancashire

Accidents happen. Replacement energy-efficient double-glazing and triple-glazed sealed units.

As one of Lancashire’s largest double-glazed unit manufacturers, we can manufacture any combination of energy-efficient glazing unit. If you’ve got a broken window or a double-glazed unit has failed, we can make a replacement to the exact dimensions of your old window.

Energy efficient double-glazed and triple-glazed sealed units

Saint-Gobain Planitherm and Planitherm Plus

Saint-Gobain has made double-glazed sealed unit performance simple with Planitherm and Planitherm Plus ranges.

Choose from Energy Standard, Comfort or Comfort Plus

Planitherm range

Captures the warmth from natural daylight and stops 56% more internal heat escaping compared to older double glazing.

Planitherm Comfort builds on the advanced thermal performance of Planitherm Energy Standard IGUs to deliver a 56% energy efficiency improvement; an enhanced level of security; and 20% better noise insulation. It also blocks out 99% of UV rays, preventing furniture fade.

Planitherm Comfort Plus is the ultimate IGU, using an additional coating to block out 50% of external heat from the sun on hot days while keeping in 63% more internal heat. It also delivers an even more impressive level of thermal performance with a 63% energy efficiency gain.

Between glass blinds

Integrated Glass Blinds

We also offer a wide range of manual and automatic between glass blinds. Choose from a wide variety of colours including metallic finish options.