Acoustic Glass

Our energy efficient IGU range is available in combination with cutting-edge sound insulation technologies.

Are you and your customers upselling on acoustics?

Noise pollution is proven to negatively impact health and well-being. Acoustic insulation glazing can help reduce urban noise and reinstate a sense of tranquillity.

We offer a range of acoustic glazing options from Saint Gobain and Pilkington, and can work with you to deliver an effect solution to noise pollution.

Sound insulating window and doors


Part of the Saint-Gobain Planitherm Total + range, SGG STADIP SILENCE is an advanced solution for acoustic insulation glazing. It reduces 3 dB acoustic compared with laminated glass of a similar thickness. Without increasing the weight of the double-glazed or triple-glazed unit.

No extra weight


SGG STADIP SILENCE is an acoustic laminated safety glass, featuring two or more sheets of glass bonded together by one or more Polyvinyl Butyral Interlayers, known as PVB (A).

It reduces noise from main roads, motorways, railways and air traffic.

Excellent levels of sound insulation without the need for thick ad heavy glass, delivering a 3db reduction compared to standard laminates

Even sound insulation across the entire frequency range

Suitable for double and triple glazed units ranging from 26mm – 40mm deep

Can also be used in single glazed applications from 6.8mm – 12.8mm glass thicknesses

No compromise on clarity and transparency

All the safety benefits associated with standard laminate glass and can be combined with many of the other products in the Saint-Gobain range.

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