Double Glazed and Triple Glazed Units

Our double-glazed and triple-glazed sealed units deliver advanced thermal performance – as standard.

Your trade partner for energy-efficient double-glazed and triple-glazed units.

We manufacture double and triple glazed sealed units in the latest warm-edge systems and low e soft coat energy efficient glass technologies from leading float glass manufacturers, Saint-Gobain and Pilkington.

Energy efficient double-glazed and triple-glazed sealed units

Saint-Gobain Planitherm Total + and Planitherm One

Saint-Gobain has made it simple to sell the benefits of leading-edge innovation in glass with Planitherm and Planitherm Plus ranges.

Choose from Energy Standard, Comfort or Comfort Plus Options:

Captures the warmth from natural daylight and stops 56% more internal heat escaping compared to older double glazing.

Planitherm Comfort builds on the advanced thermal performance of Planitherm Energy Standard IGUs to deliver a 56% energy efficiency improvement; an enhanced level of security; and 20% better noise insulation. It also blocks out 99% of UV rays, preventing furniture fade.

Planitherm Comfort Plus is the ultimate IGU, using an additional coating to block out 50% of external heat from the sun on hot days while keeping in 63% more internal heat. It also delivers an even more impressive level of thermal performance with a 63% energy efficiency gain.

Energy efficient double-glazed and triple-glazed sealed units

Pilkington energiKare

Pilkington energiKare uses an optimised combination of Pilkington K Glass, a low-e glass and Pilkington Optitherm, to achieve an enhanced level of thermal performance maximising solar gain and lowering heat loss in double glazing and triple glazing.

Single point of order and delivery

Sealed unit supply integrated with your systems

All IGUs supplied by Padiham Glass are bar-coded and scanned at each stage of production. Supplied with edge labels simplifying customer handling, we can also work with you to integrate IGU supply with your own systems, delivery schedules, bringing a new level of partnership to IGU supply.

We make sealed unit supply simple.