Safety and Security Glass

We supply leading safety and security glass options from the SGG STADIP and STADIP PROTECT ranges from Saint-Gobain.

Safety and security without compromise on aesthetics

STADIP Protect combines two or more sheets of SGG PLANICLEAR glass with a polyvinyl butyral film. SGG STADIP and STADIP PROTECT can also be combined with Saint Gobain’s solar control and acoustic options, STADIP SILENCE and SGG COOL-LITE solar control glass. Standard glass is 6.8mm.

Laminate safety glass


SGG STADIP Protect can be designed to achieve different levels of safety, for example 1B1 or 2B2 and security, P2A-P5A for different applications, for example residential or commercial through different combinations and glass thicknesses

Highly flexible safety glass suitable for a wide range of residential and commercial settings including injury/risk of falling; burglary and vandalism; firearms and explosion.

SGG STADIP Protect can be used in windows, roof lights, conservatories, glazed extensions, overheads, balustrades and guard rails.

Can be combined with other Saint Gobain products including thermal insulation, solar protection and patterned glass including SGG DIAMANT extra clear glass; SGG Parasol body-tinted glass; and SGG COOL-LITE Solar control.

Toughened glass

Structural glazing

Our leading edge Cooltemper Jetstream Tempering Furnace – one of two toughening lines that we operate – means that in addition to standard toughened glass, we can also offer heat-soaked toughened glass. Reducing the risks associated with nickel sulphide induced or other inclusion failures.

Toughened glass products

Toughened glass units and architectural glass

With cutting edge plant and equipment, we have the capacity to toughen glass ranging in size from just 4 to 19mm, for use in and a diverse range of applications from IGUs, structural glazing to glass furniture.

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